5 Best Adventure Sports for Traveler to be Enjoyed in India

Experience The Awesome Adventure Sports In India

adventure sports in india

In India, tourism is industry which is growing so fast to introduce the real nature wealth of the country. There are many sports activities that be adored by tourists such as spiritual relaxation, mental and physical. India is well-known country with the beauty of nature to be enjoyed through adventure sports. Despite some of adventure sports are such new things in India, but tourists will be able to enjoy it satisfied with service. India is a paradise for them who want to enjoy the activities sports of traditional adventure. Here’s below some ideas of the best adventure sports for traveler to be enjoyed in India. Bring it on!

1. Skiing

skiing in india

This kind of sport activity is the most popular among travelers who visit to India, solely to experience its adventure sports. Typically, this sport is demanded by young boys who grab the thrilling adventure to Himalaya. Shimla, Kashmir, Uttarakhand are the best place to satisfy their craves to ski, not to mention frozen lakes in Kashmir is no joke for skiing, while its deep valleys are strongly recommended for hiking.

2. River Rafting

adventure sports river rafting

River rafting is the next favoritest option for traveler to be enjoyed in India. Ganga is the most place to do it since the river has tributaries which is providing water rafting to make the adventure more fun to be enjoyed. There are other rivers besides Ganga, those are Sutlej, Bhagirathi and Chandrabhaga. The names mentioned earlier are rivers from Himalaya and popular with the level of danger. It’s no doubt, the rivers India provide is promising about the greatest adventure of river rafting ever.

3. Mountaineering

mountaineering in india

It’s obviously mountain as one of adventure sports in India that being popular around the world. All the areas of Uttarakhand are such a paradise for travelers who want to conquer Himalaya, at least for once of his life. The peaks are covered by rocked hills and forest, as well meadows of lush green. Himalaya peaks dare the traveler to hike it, it surely need an experienced mountaineers since the field is no joke to offer the death.

4. Trekking

trekking in india

The next is trekking. This sport is most enjoyed in Northeastern India. Particularly Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh perfectly offer the traveler to the wild yet rare experiences. It’s adorable place to superb fauna and flora along the trekking. There are some destinations which is popular to enjoy trekking in India. They are Se La Nuranang, Bomdila Dirang and Twang Mango. Trust me guys, India is rich with the offers of adventure sports the traveler around the world crave for.

5. Scuba Diving

scuba diving in india

The last of this article is scuba diving. This sport is enjoyed mostly in Nicobar and Andaman islands. These name mentioned before have a wonderful beach which is unexplored nature and proudly provide travelers some sports like scuba diving and snorkeling. Nicobar and Andaman islands are popular in offering underwater sports by traveler. Are you one of?

When it comes to adventure, it must be India for the right place. Besides the 5 best adventure sports for traveler to be enjoyed in India above, India also has the other sports you should experience, like Bungee Jumping, Flying fox, Rock climbing, Paragliding and many more. Hurry up put India on the next destination of your trip list. You must be having fun there and get the most awesome adventure sports ever.

The Best 5 Hotels You Should Stay in Paris

The 5 Best Hotels To Stay In Paris


Are you planning to get vacation in Paris, but still consider which the hotel to stay? Paris always has the way to coddle tourists with its offers. When it comes to hotel, there is no need to be worried since there are many options to choose whether provides luxurious or any offers that you can buy. Here is the best hotels you should stay in Paris. Keep on scroll down!

1. Napoleon Hotel

hotel napoleon paris

This hotel is popular among hotels in Paris. The services they provide is from the small thing like Wi-Fi until the allowance to get pets in, despite it’s cats and dogs only. For the room, no doubt it’s the cozy one with air conditioning, Complimentary toiletries, Minibar, bathrobes, desks, hair dryer, room service for 24 hours and many more. Like mentioned earlier, Wi-Fi is free to get here. Napoleon Hotel has been receiving star rating officially from the French Tourism Development Agency.

2. De Vendome Hotel

hotel de vendome paris

When it comes to classic, don’t forget to put on De Vendome Hotel to your list. This hotel serves the clients with high-qualified service such as premium bedding, room service for 24 hours, minibar, daily housekeeping, pay movies and more. Furthermore, De Vendome Hotel provides valet parking. To proving the commitment to serve the best, this hotel also 24 hours of front desk which is ready to serve all needs. For some services, it may demands surcharge so be sure to get understood with what you deal to. De Vendome Hotel has staffs which are able to speak in multi language, so don’t be worried if you are not really into French or English. Isn’t awesome hotel?

3. Marignan Paris Hotel

hotel marignan paris

Like Napoleon Hotel, Marignan Paris Hotel also has been receiving star rating officially from the French Tourism Development Agency. This hotel serves clients with high-qualified service which is proven already with the star rating mentioned earlier. Those are designer toiletries, climate control, free Wi-Fi, LCD TV, iPod, connecting rooms and many other services. When decide Marignan Paris Hotel to stay, be sure you are not with pets around, since this hotel has a rule to not bring in any pets into rooms. For you who can’t bare with starve, don’t be worried, breakfast are available to get in 6.30 am and 11 am. This service may ask surcharge.

4. Lancaster Hotel

hotel lancaster paris

In order to serve clients in high-qualified service, Lancaster Hotel has a rule to allow the registered guests only to be in room. Thanks to Lancaster Hotel to allow pets in, though it may ask surcharge but this hotel is absolutely a consideration place to stay during in Paris. For killing the boredom of guests, Lancaster provides the activity that guest can enjoy such as bicycle. The guest can get it near of Lancaster Hotel area.

5. Balzac Hotel

hotel balzac paris

Balzac Hotel is the next options for tourist during having vacation in Paris. This hotel commits to serve guest with high-qualified service such as room service, internet connection, valet parking. Like the other names mentioned above, Balzac Hotel may ask surcharge for some service such as breakfast and valet parking. And good news for guest who having vacation with their pets, this hotel allows pets to get in room.

Well, there are some ideas of the best hotels you should stay in Paris. In hopes, this article will help you in ways to get place to stay in Paris. Have the best vacation, guys!

The Best 5 Adventurous Water Activities in France

Going on a vacation with family is truly interesting. Most people do not really have time for their family because they are just so busy that they cannot spare a little of their time for holiday. There are many holiday destinations to visit and you can make some beautiful moments. France is one of the most beautiful places in the world to visit because lots of things lay in there, one of them is water adventure. If you love playing in the water, swimming or just having fun with your family, there are some best places to visit when you are in there.

water activities in france

1. French Mediterranean Watersports

french mediterranean This water adventure provides many water activities you can do including sailing, windsurfing and kayaking. Even the adventure team of this great place also provides white water for doing lots more activities such as snorkeling, canoeing, mountain treks rafting and many others. The places around the water adventure are all great so that you can take a small tour with your car or hire some bikes for a more interesting tour.

2. Argeles-sur-Mer
Another great place to visit to get some interesting water activities is the Argeles-sur-mer, a beautiful place located at the foot of the mountain range of Alberes. It can be reached by doing s short drive from the border of the Spanish. This place is surrounded with some beautiful places, the sandy beach right seven kilometers from this place and there is also a supervised and safe bathing completed with some rocky coves. Not only beautiful, natural places, this place is also close with restaurants, cafes and boutique shops to allow you easily find a good place for dining and shopping. The most interesting is that the restaurants and cafes are placed among beautiful pine trees, which make you feel like you are in a beach all the time.

3. The Voyager
If you want a place with more adventurous water activities, you can try to visit the Voyager. This is a team that will help you find the best experience in France through some beautiful adventurous water activities. It has some interesting programs that you can try to give you a great holiday with your lovely ones. So, if you do not know where you should go for your holiday in France, this is a very great place to visit because it will give you the answer.

4. Adventure Sport ST Tropez

france saint tropez Join with the interesting holiday program from Adventure Sport St Tropez and you will find many great places for doing some interesting adventurous water activities. The program from Adventure Sport allows you and your family to well blend with nature. Surely, including the great places that offer water activities. So, you can try to visit the site and see the program to join.

5. Family Adventure Holidays
This is another place that offers some great holiday programs in France. You can check the interesting holiday programs that can lead you to the beautiful water places in Franch for your next holiday.so, do not worry about having no idea about the destination of your holiday because there is always an idea.

There are numerous great places to visit in France. What you need to do is just do a little research to find the best place with the best water activities. You can always find help whenever you get stuck in the way choosing the right destination for water adventurous activities holiday.

5 Best Way to Make Your Vacation Convenient

Vacation is a dream for people who feel stressed with their jobs and daily life. However, vacation can also be a nightmare if you do not prepare and do it properly. There are many things that you can do to make the most of your vacation. Here are some best ways to make your vacation more efficient, more fun, and easier.

Steps to Make Your Vacation Awesome


1. Make An Itinerary

make your vacation convenient Making an itinerary is a must for people who want a convenient vacation. It can be said that it is impossible to travel without itinerary. A good itinerary will lead you to a cheaper, more efficient and more organized vacation. In making the itinerary, you do not have to put so many activities in it. Spending more time with fewer destinations may create a deeper experience of vacation.

2. Be Flexible

Sometimes things are not going as what you have planned. You may find some surprises in the middle of your travel. Prepare some optional plans that you can use if things are not going as what in your itinerary. After all, vacation is not all about itinerary, schedule, budget, but it is more about having fun and spending your time with your travel friends. So, it is important to not stick too rigidly on your itinerary.

3. Pack Your Stuff Efficiently

To make your holiday more comfortable, packing your bag efficiently is one of things that can do it. By packing your stuff efficiently, it will take less space in your bag which means that you can bring a smaller bag. It will be handy if you want to take your bag everywhere. You can roll your clothes to take less space and avoid line on it and pack it in the fitting order.

4. Protect Your Home During Vacation

After you plan the itinerary and pack your bags, another thing that needs your attention is home protection. An unattended house is more likely to get robbed; an easiest way to keep your home safe is to ask for some help with your truthful neighborhood to keep watching on your home. Asking them to check on your home regularly is the easiest way to keep your home safe. You can also install a home security system such as alarm, motion sensor and many other features of it.

5. Hire A Tour Guide

Some independent travelers may disagree with the concept of a guided tour; it may also cost you more to hire a tour guide. However, hiring a tour guide may be your best decision in your vacation. A tour guide can offer you some best spot on a nature trip like in a jungle or island. Tour guides can give you more experience on your vacation; they may know some information of your destinations better than other tourists or articles on the internet. Hiring a tour guide can also be the best choice if you go for a short-time travel, they can show you the fastest way to get to your destination.

Top 4 Best Cities You Should Visit For 2015

Make These Awesome Places Happen To You
Here’s below some top 4 best cities you should visit for 2015. You may not be familiar with some,so be sure you guys read this preview.Stay tuned.

1. Washington

smithsonian institution castle Washington is popular with its museum and its nickname as a monument city of the world. Besides, this city has the Smithsonian Institution which is the center of network over 19 museums there.

In order to commemorate the anniversary of assassination’s 16th of American president – Abraham Lincoln – for 150th, Washington presents the various of pomp which is expected by tourist whether domestic either international. There will be a display of Lincoln’s popular hat and many other artefak.

Tourists are also expected to enjoy the project of mixed-use building such as The Yards and City Center in the downtown, along Anacostia River where the industrial used to be in. There will be built hotels, condos, retail also spaces of public outdoor which transform the urban landscape and fulfilling demands of large population on the city where the young professionals are in. Washington offers the performance of art tradition which is often held in Kennedy Center and there is no more epic than the capital of nation.

2. El Chalten – Argentina

el chalten Maybe it will be overstatement if we call it as city, so town will do. El Chalten is such a new greatest discovery of place in Argentina. This place is so friendly with the various population live here such as students, entrepreneurs, artisans who make El-Chalten more epic to visit.

El Chalten is rich with the beautiful natures such as Monte Fitz Roy, Cerro Torre, waterfall, lakes and many more.

Be sure to visit this awesome place by bringing done plans since this place is still lack in internet connection, mobile connection, inaccessible ATM, and three hours to airport. All the effort will be paid off with the greatest experiences in El Chalten.

3. Milan

milan cathedral Milan is a city which strong in elegance and wealth. How about the cost of shoes which more expensive than prices of computer? It’s incredible description of Milan.Furthermore, who in the world does not know the famous Prada? It’s proudly to say it’s about Milan.

Add Milan in the list of your next visit in 2015. Since in this year, there will be Expo 2015 which has been held since 1800s. For your information, this expo is the latest fairs in world levels. Be sure you’ll be there in around May or October. This expo itself will be bringing a theme about food. Grab your things into suitcase to have a wonderful journey here.

4. Zermatt – Switzerland

zermatt shopping quarter There is no place better to hiking, mountaining, skiing than Zermatt in Switzerland. It’s been an open secret that many adventurer crave to tam this perfect creation of nature. Dare to say it would be the most unforgettable adventure. Be sure to get there in 2015 for celebrating the anniversary of magic moutain first ascent for 150th. According to how Zermatt becomes the incrediblest amazing spot due to the tragedy happened to Edward Whymper in 14 July 1865.

In hopes, article about top 4 best cities you should visit for 2015 above will give the idea to where next visit to go in 2015. Enjoy the life with new experiences in places you have never been there and have a wonderful vacation ever,guys!

6 Tips on How to Plan the Perfect Holiday

Lack of preparation and information are two things that can ruin your holiday. You will spend lots of money, bring supplies too much, and you will spend some other unexpected needs. Vacation would be nice if you prepare well. Here are 6 tips on how to plan the perfect holiday.

planning to holiday

• Information
The first tips are finding as much information as possible about some tourist attractions that you will visit. You can do this by asking friends, looking out of the tourist magazines, and websites on the internet. Currently, internet has been better way to see the availability of tourist sites and provide complete information about tourist attractions.

• Bring Tourist Map
Many people do not realize how important a map is. Map is a picture of earth’s surface and can indicate the location by showing the distance one place to another. With a travel map, you can also specify the estimated time and distance you will travel. Travel maps are usually giving some information regarding hotel location, restaurant, tourist information centers, attractions, public transportation routes, terminals, etc. This is the second tips on how to plan the perfect holiday.

• Transportation
There are many transportation alternatives that you can use during spending your holiday. If you decide to use a personal vehicle, you must make sure the condition of your vehicle is in good condition. But if you decide to use public transportation, you have to order a few months before the day of departure. In addition to ensuring the availability of tickets and seats, it can also save the cost and the next tips to plan the perfect holiday is money

• Money
Money is very necessary when you do holiday. You can also use the money to rent a hotel, travel, pay for some tickets, and more. To save money, you can search for hotels that have reached 45% price discount on the weekday. On the weekend, the hotel will give you a discount price up to 35%. Another things you should know about how to plan the perfect holiday is using travel services, it can give a great discount price for you. It helps if you book a hotel through a travel to get a big discount. You also have to order before you do your holiday. This is done to ensure the availability of rooms at the hotel.

• Packing Time
There are so many tourists who bring goods that are not so important during the holidays. For those of you, who are using public transport, bring only the necessary goods. The main item that you need to bring is clothes that you will use during the holidays. Use a good quality bag and easy to use. You need to remember, do not bring jewelry when you visit tourist attractions. You also need to carry a spare bag to store dirty clothes and a few souvenirs that you will take it.

• Keep Positive Thinking
Enjoy all the advantages and disadvantages of your trip. Be friendly to merchants, tour guides, and a few other tourists. Make your trip enjoyable by keep think positively.

7 Unforgettable Family Travel Experiences 2015

People can buy everything with money, but only the experience or memories will stay forever. That is why travelling is such valuable to have among every families throughout the world to capture every moment with their own eyes and feel the whole joy and pleasure that is worth and priceless. Here, the details of 7 unforgettable families travel experiences that are much recommended to try in 2015, is listed on the following.

family travel

Be Wild with Nature

1. Australia: Sailing the Whitsundays

whitsundays, australia

Have you ever thought of surrounded with crystal water which is very gorgeous to spot in every second of your holiday? Australia brings you the essence of the most secluded and relaxed place by joining camping on private bays. Here, you can swim and snorkel with a breathtaking view of marine life, where the sea itself is protected by the Great Barrier Reef. Besides, you are free to explore the other uninhabited islands as well. In doing the activities, you do not need to be worried if you are a beginner since the bareboat charter company will offer the training.

2. Namibia: Self drive safari

namibia, africa

If you dare to challenge yourself exploring the real, wild nature of Namibia, where creatures such as zebras, giraffes, lions, leopards, hyenas and elephants behave innocently to accompany your bed time story, take the chance to stay from camping to luxury lodges in this African wildlife safari. The Windhoek will give you a ride on a sedan to give you nothing but incredible memories.

3. Wyoming, USA: Horse riding expedition

wyoming, usa

If you wish to enjoy the horse riding experience with an amazing eternal view of mountain trails with wild flowers, the Wyoming tourism program can surely pamper you. The options are varied, from decent riding, camp with fishing and hiking, to a complete agenda of going to Yellowstone National Park that is available to adjust each family’s preference.

4. Cayman Island: Stingray snorkeling

cayman island, thailand

Taking snorkeling in Australia should be fun, but having a snorkel time with the fellow of sea creature, a stingray must be much more fun. Caymand island, in Thailand, has amazing spots for snorkeling where you can experience the hands surrounded with animals.

5. Norway: Cross country skiing

norway skiing

Skiing can be enjoyable sport that most people prefer to spend during winter, and this what the country, Norway offer to families whose taste for snow and appealing mountains view is on the first list of travelling plan. The cross country skiing offered here is free, even though the newbie is required to expense for guide and luggage transfer.

The Building with the Eternal Enjoyment

6. Orlando, USA: Harry Potter role play

universal orlando People might be over enthusiastic with a character of Harry Potter embodied by Daniel Radcliff in the entire Harry Potter movie series, but who knows that this phenomenal cast can be acted by anyone who is willing to. Experience the Hogwarts with its magical family holiday box that has been perfectly planned in Universal Studio, in US$400/family tour.

7. London, UK: British museum treasure hunt

british museum If your kids are getting tedious with a monthly beach vacation, the British museum treasure hunt is very agreeable alternative. They can have a direct access to explore their imagination in real atmosphere of what happened in the past decades offered in museum by joining free hands activities and fun learning of Mayan history’s comic book version, evoking them to be not only fun but also well educated.

What You Should Know To Be Safe While Traveling Alone

Since there are more and more travel agents who tend to offer some great and incredible options that allow you to go travel around the world, traveling has become quite simpler and easier to do. Several years ago, you need to spend a huge amount of money once you have a plan to go traveling somewhere due to its expensive plane tickets and expensive hotel rooms. But today, traveling has become something much cheaper as the plane tickets, hotel rooms and culinary services have been arranged in such the right way to make it an affordable packet tour.

traveling alone

Travel Safety: Keep Yourself Safe While on a Vacation

Of course, it is always much more comfortable to go traveling with some friends, relatives, or the whole family. However, it does not mean that it is not possible to go travel around the world alone. Because of the easiness of doing such tour journey and the more chance which allow you to go alone, there are more and more people in this world who tend to choose to go traveling alone. Once they dealt with the packet tour, they will easily be able to travel alone since there is a guide who will accompany them during the tour. This way, they do not need to feel worry about being alone in other strange cities or even countries.

In fact, there are several useful tips and information which need to be paid more attention to if you have a plan to go travel alone. First, you need to know exactly about the place (city or country) you are going to before you go. This would be really important to do because you will know any potential issues there, such as whether the country is a four-season or tropical country, thinking about their language, whether the country is safe or not especially for women, and about the red light districts. In order to prevent you from any thief, it is important to always copy all your important documents like passport and visa and bring them anywhere you go.


How to Be Safe and Confident When Traveling Alone

Then, it is also very useful to note about the addresses and phone numbers of your country’s embassy and military bases if you are going to the abroad. It is not suggested to wear such excessive and expensive jewelry. But, it is recommended to wear such a very nice cloth to wear like sneakers or t-shirt. Thus, it would be really nice to always behave correctly and be polite to other people. All you need to do is just follow what the locals do in order to appreciate their tradition and habits. For more, it would be a better idea to keep cash and credit cards in a separate space with your ID cards just in case when it has been stolen.

In addition, if you are using a public transportation, you always need to be more careful and it is significant to avoid using unlicensed taxis. Basically, the best thing to do when you are traveling alone is that you need to be friend with some other travelers just in case that you need some recommendations for an interesting and cheap spot to go to or information about the best food hawker. And of course, do not ever take favors from the strangers especially if you are about to go for exchanging money.

Venice Travel Guides: What You Need to Expect

Many people want to go to Venice since it is one of the top cities in Italy, which provides beautiful scenery and romantic city atmosphere. You could see many popular destinations which you could reach easily since most of the time Venice would be traffic free. You could also use their complicated canal channel which connect the whole city by going through their waterway. Building with ancient architecture lies along the street, beautiful churches and magnificent palace will captivate you. You will also find big square where many people gather around to hang out, or you could just browse through their interesting shops which spread all over the cities.

Enjoy Your Holiday with Venice Travel Tips

Weather throughout the season

In Italy map you will find Venice on the northern east area where Adriatic Sea lies and only barrier by small line of land named Lido. Because it is located near the sea you could expect moderate weather; however you could also expect the possibility of raining almost the whole year. Even in summer you will get high humidity while in winter it would be wet with a lot of fog.

If you want to go to Venice, it would be better to go in the spring season or even fall season because in summer is the peak season so you will get a lot of crowd in every tourist destination so you would not be able to enjoy it freely. But you should be very careful since Venice has what it called as acqua alta that is a tide that enters the city and flooded the canals. This thing usually happened on October to January, but you should not have to worry since it is not dangerous at all and all the boats are still function. So you will still able to do site seeing just with a little wet floor everywhere you go.

How to get to Venice?

If you want to go by air, Venice has their own small airport which you could use called the Marco Polo airport, from there you could reach the center of the city in bus or by boats. If you came from Dubrovnik or Greece to continue your holiday in Venice there are convenient ferries which will take you there. The land transportation is available from the train that will stop at Santa Lucia Train Station that located on the northwestern area of Venice.

Transportation to use inside Venice travel guides

The main transportation in Venice is their famous vaporetti, which is a boat that will take you through their waterway. If you arrive to the Venice from the train station it would be better to take vaporetti to cross the Grand Canal it will make many stop around the center of the city, but if you follow along you will be able to see the overview of the city so you would know what to expect from Venice. Another form of transportation is gondola and water taxis but they are very expensive so I would not recommend that if you have tight budget.

Where to stay at Venice

The most common place for tourist to stay is at hotels that located near the Saint Mark’s Square so you could enjoy the San Marco area. You could even find some high-class hotels to medium priced hotel there. Most of the hotels are located near the Grand Canal so you do not have to worry about transportation and just go everywhere you want from there then go back to your hotel by searching the Grand Canal.

Area inside the Venice travel guides

Venice city is divided into six areas that spread all around the Grand Canal. First is the Cannaregio which is where the Santa Lucia Train Station located, across of it from the Grand Canal you will get Santa Groce area. Move on to the west beside Cannaregio you will get Castello that becomes the western area of Venice.

Those two areas also connected with San Marco area on the south east of Castello where the Piazza San Marco located. San Marco area is connected by Rialto Bridge through the Grand Canal with San Polo area where you could find fish market there. Dorsoduro is connected to the San Polo and Santa Groce area, inside Dorsoduro area you will find the famous Gallerie dell’Accademia which you should visit when you go to Venice.

Where to go when visiting Venice?

Lots of beautiful place has waits for your visit when you go to Venice. You could get detail information about it on the tourist office that located in the Santa Lucia Train Station. But the main tourist office is located on Saint Mark’s Square where you could find some staff that could speak a little English.

Piazza San Marco

Piazza San Marco: this place is located on San Marco area and it is the main square in Venice where everyone gathers around. You will see a lot of beautiful shops, which you could browse through while walking on their neat sideways. You will be able to find many people here and enjoy the scenery, but outdoor table will have high price service.

Palazzo Ducale

Palazzo Ducale: for Venice travel guides this palace also located at Saint Mark’s Square and becomes one of the most impressive buildings in Venice that you have to visit. It was where the Venetian government takes place until the Venetian Republic downfall in 1797. Inside you will find Bridge of Sighs that is very famous bridge that connected the building with its prison.

Ponte di Rialto

Ponte di Rialto: it is located in the center of Venice that is the number one bridge which builds around 400 years ago and used to cross the Grand Canal where you will find Rialto Market nearby. There are a lot of little shops with interesting items to see.

Gallerie dell'Accademia

Gallerie dell’Accademia: on Venice travel guides this most famous museum in Venice will present you with arts from the 14 to the 18 century. You will find 24 rooms which lies inside 3 magnificent building with famous Venice architecture.

How to Avoid Mistake When Going to Italy for Holiday

When you plan to visit many cities in Italy you need to be careful so not to make mistake since many people do not even know that they did any mistake. Language barrier is number one cause of this mistake and not knowing what you do will just make it even worse. That is why you need to avoid mistake when going to Italy so you would not get any problem afterwards.

How to Avoid Mistake When Going to Italy for Holiday

Common mistake made by tourist in Italy

Standing in line for ticket: it is quite difficult to get tickets in peak season when you visit Italy since a lot of people will come at the same time so you will need to wait in line for hours. This is a mistake you should not done since you could actually get your tickets to famous museum and other tourist destination by purchasing a pass which included a lot of places at once.

Over pack your bag: sometimes you want to bring everything from home so your bag will be stuffed. What you need to know is Italy mostly consisted of old buildings so most hotels would not have any elevator so you will need to bring your own suitcase which would be difficult when you stuff it overly. Even when you want to drag your suitcase, it would be difficult since most Italy sidewalk is made from cobblestone, which would be too bumpy to drag your bag. Avoiding mistake when going to Italy by bringing two small bangs that you could carry on your back easily.

Driving through Limited Traffic Zone: in Italy there is what called as zona traffico limitato, which is a zone where you would need to have, permits when you want to drive inside since they are pedestrian zone that most people will walk into. On the entrance of the zone there would be a camera that will record your car plates when you enter it without permission. Then they will send the ticket to you by mail. Even when you use rental car, your rental company will send the ticket to your house six months or even a year later.

Ticket validation: if you have purchase presale ticket to ride a regional train, then do not forget to first validate the ticket before you use it. If you do not do this then you will get fined even when you already hold the presale ticket so you need to be careful on this one.

Depending on your credit cards and travel check: in Italy you will find many small restaurant or hotel that runs by a small family. This kind of place usually do not take any credit cards and even travel check, so you need to make sure that you bring enough cash when you go to Italy.

Wear something inappropriate: many churches in Italy have strict rules when it comes to the dress. Avoiding mistake when going to Italy by always wear long pants and shirt with sleeve if you want to enter.