5 Most Endangered Species in the World

In this world, there are certain animals that are started to be extinct, mostly labelled as most endangered species that must need humans help to care for their wildlife preservation. Care to world states that about 100 species go extinct each day, where most species becomes victims of deforestation. Here are the top 5 list of those species.

Most Endangered Species List

#1. The Ivory Billed Woodpecker

Ivory Billed Woodpecker

The Ivory Billed Woodpecker is currently said having dismal data on their numbers, which comes in the first, most critically endangered one. This is because their species starts being almost extinct. Hunters and deforestation are the reasons why the birds number drastically drops for they can sustain their population. The last sight of the Ivory Billed Woodpecker is in 2004, in Arkansas, Cuba, and Florida.

#2. The Amur Leopard

Amur Leopard

Other critically endangered species is the Amur Leopard. There are just 40 Amur Leopards that exist in northern part of Russia’s eastern tundra. They become the only Leopard in the world that adapts to cold weather, that they prefer going to the tundra forest lands. The cats are titles as endangered species because of deforestation, poaching, and development, making their population numbers decreased. Besides, inbreeding is also another factor as the rise of recessive genes become dominant. The result is that they turn to be infertile to give birth. Having realized that they need help, the Amur Leopard and Tiger Alliance show big effort with 15 international members for saving this animal gaining donation, monitoring the program, anti poaching and delivering awareness to public are what they do in conservation.

#3. The Javan Rhinoceros

Javan Rhinoceros

This most endangered species is also known as Sunda Rhinoceros, the most prominent rhino species in Southeast Asia, where they are found from North Vietnam to East part of India and China, to the Islands of Sundara and Java. The Javan Rhinoceros’s species is now confined to a small island locate on the western tip of Java, Indonesia. They are regarded as the rarest mammal in the world, with only 40 members. Tragically, their number decreasing happens in short time, where most of them are due to the aftermath of Vietnam War which results in the land to be desolate and evokes the poaching toward this animal. Irresponsible people would love to get their horns for they cost $30,000/ kilogram. Because of all the natural disasters, genetic degradation, and unchecked human activities, the species of Javan rhino tends to get extinct. The expert states that their optimal population recovery counts only to 100 members.

#4. The Northern Sportive Lemur

The Northern Sportive Lemur Even though there are numerous species of Lemur on Madagascar Island; however, none is as endangered as the Northern Sportive Lemur. They live on the northern tip of Madagascar, with only 20 members amount estimation. The most significant reasons behind their extinction are poaching and deforestation. It is considered difficult to protect these animals because they live in the area that is likely away to be declared as protected by government. However, current actions make local people civilized about the awareness to protect Lemur is done.

#5. The Northern Pacific Right Whale

Northern Pacific Right Whale

The last endangered species is the Northern Pacific Right Whale. They extinct because of poaching and result them to be left only in 50 numbers. It is reported that in 19h century, the population of Right Whales are estimated in more than 30,000 of this most endangered species before the massive poaching in 1840 and 1849 occurred and made around 25,000 members killed.

5 Weird Sea Creatures and Their Habitat

Animals that live in underwater always get attention from people because of their cute, colourful colours: however, there are also some weird sea creatures that amaze everyone because of their unusual appearances and certain unique body parts as what listed and explained below.

Weird Sea Creatures List

#1. Pink Sea-Through Fantasia

Pink Sea-Through Fantasia

Don’t be trapped and fooled by its name, leading you to a women’s sexy lingerie. This is actually a sea cucumber. It was found in the Celebes Sea, where the place is defined as a remote area of western Pacific Ocean. Pink Sea Through Fantasia is found a mile and a half deep (8,200 ft/ 2,500 m) in that sea by underwater photographers and scientist’ team, from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Sulu Archipelago, Sangihe Island, Sulawesi (a province in Indonesia) and Mindanao Island of the Philippines border the Celebes Sea. This animal slightly looks like a jelly-fish that has a webbed swimming structure which enables it swim more than 3,000 feet up from the seafloor in order to find food, and escape from the predators.

#2. Yeti Crab

Yeti Crab
This does not normally look like an ordinary crab. This is extra ordinary because of its shaggy, furry claws. This unique crab is found 5000 feet deep near Easter Island. The crab seems blind because it has strongly reduced eyes which do not have any pigment. This of weird sea creatures is classified as a crustacean family, which is related to shrimp, crab, and lobster. However, because of its unique appearance, it then falls into a new family called Kiwaidae, derived from Kiwa, the Polynesian goddess of shellfish.

#3. Long-Nosed Chimaera

Long-Nosed Chimaera
As the name implies, this sea animal has a long nose, making it a creepy cartilaginous fish. This fish is found about 7000 feet below the sea level. It is then known that Long Nose Chimaera has adapted to life there with the lack of light. Besides, their formidable schnozes which are covered in sensory nerve endings enable to help that fish find foods which are smaller fishes. This fish can grow up to five feet in length.

#4. Squidworm

Another strange sea animal is Squidworm, found in 2008 in the Philippines. This annelid worm has a head covered with tentacles, just like a squid. The size of this rare sea animal is four inches long where its eight long arms are used as a breathing organ, six pairs of feathery sensor organs, and two loosely coiled limbs are for feeding.

#5. Leafy Sea Dragon

Leafy Sea Dragon
It appears like a sea horse, though it has an additional part of body, making it look like a dragon as well. It has a brown to yellow body’s colour completed with spectacular olive tinted appendages. Its snouts are thin and long. Leafy Sea Dragon always stays closely and blends in with the seaweed. The fins, which propel it, are very small and thin so it is imperceptible and delivers those who see it as some floating alga. This weird sea creatures’ habitat is in the water off Australia: however, they are difficult to find because of their capability to do camouflage on seaweed, making them spotted as the usual sea plants.

4 Romantic Wedding Destinations in America

There are many romantic wedding destinations in America; but, how do you plan your wedding? Well, you should plan a party with a unique and different concept. We know that weddings can be done anywhere. In fact, you can choose a country that will provide a lot of concepts there. Why America? It is because we can actually choose an ideal spot to hold a wedding ceremony. Later, you can develop a concept that is more perfect than the party. At least, you can prepare a few things like the budget and the number of invited guests. After that, you can customize the event management. So, let us consider about 4 romantic wedding destinations in America.

Romantic Wedding Destinations in the Top 4

Encantado, an Auberge Resort – Santa Fe, New Mexico

Auberge Resort

However, this is one of the best travel destinations. There, you will see the typical architecture of the pueblo, and you can mingle in an atmosphere of summer. That is one important area because there is a lot of histories that you can learn. But, you are not learning about something. You want to enjoy the best time together with your love, so this is an ideal location to hold a wedding ceremony just like in romantic wedding destinations Caribbean.

Canoe Bay – Chetek, Wisconsin

Chetek Wisconsin

It will be another definition when you will hold a wedding ceremony. At Canoe Bay, you can manage an ideal location with the concept of natural and beautiful. But more than that, this is a very appropriate location for those of you who love nature. You will meet with a cabin in the woods, and you can spend the time to swim or ride a boat. Meanwhile, there are some interesting concepts for a romantic wedding. And you can integrate it in this place. So, please consider this as possible. Maybe, you could check out some similar locations, but this is the best.

Amangiri – Canyon Point, Utah

Amangiri Canyon Point

A location that is quite unique because you will be surrounded by towering rock hill. They are an attraction for the tourists who are interested to Amangiri. This area has a strong character as a privileged location with a combination of land and water. If you are going to organize a wedding ceremony, you can choose the best spot on the hill. But it might be a little strange because there are some spots that have actually been prepared comfortably. Still, you are holding the final decision since it is part of your romantic story. For other detailed information, you can compare multiple images.

Grove Park Inn Resort & Spa – Asheville, North Carolina

Grove Park Inn

A wedding can be held in an open space when you want a serene atmosphere, especially at night. Well, that is what you can get in Grove Park Inn Resort & Spa, a location in North Carolina that offers a perfect experience for every bride and groom. You can visit this place for a romantic dinner. Also, you have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of luxurious facilities there.

See? There are many options so that you do not have to worry about your plans. So, please determine the best of romantic wedding destinations.

4 Unmissable Historic Buildings in Europe You Should Visit with Your Couple

During the honeymoon, you can visit some unmissable historic spots in Europe. Well, there is nothing wrong with it. After all, you will know that there are many wonderful locations in Europe that you should not miss. During this time, you think that they are classical buildings such as museums. In fact, you can enjoy a romantic and dramatic experience in every historic building. So, here are four unmissable historic buildings in Europe you should visit with your couple. You can make it as part of the honeymoon or you can have other plans before the wedding. Basically, you need to know some of the following descriptions.

Unmissable Historic in the Top 4

Saint Basil’s Cathedral (Kremlin), Moscow, Russia

Saint Basil's Cathedral

Instead of looking for other sites that might be boring, you should consider this as a goal. Yes. This is the best beauty of Moscow, a city that always reminds you on the history and exoticism of the Orient. If you are visiting this location, you will be amazed by the sturdy building structure and a lot of other things around. Indeed, this is an interesting option if you are traveling with your lover. You can choose where to stay around the area. Please spend time around the Kremlin. It will be a romantic way in Russia.

Cologne Cathedral, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Cologne Cathedral

However, Germany is a country that has a lot of historic buildings. Perhaps, you have difficulty to determine the most romantic spots in the country. But, this is the Cologne Cathedral which has been known by many people. When you visit this area, you will meet with a lot of heritage, but the most remarkable thing is the perfect architecture. So, you can spend time for hours to sit and enjoy the atmosphere.

Alhambra in Granada, Andalusia, Spain


You may always hear the wonderful of Alhambra. It is one of the best places in Spain when you want to prove a variety of stories about the triumph of civilization in Andalusia. It is a building that has become a part of world cultural heritage, UNESCO. When you stand opposite the palace, you will see a clear long pool. It will be a romantic moment together with your lover while enjoying the sunset. In 1994, this area was developed in the wider area. We can prove it in a few spots that are always visited by tourists. If you intend to honeymoon, this would also be a perfect area because there are a lot of natural sceneries around. So, do not miss it in the list of your travel plans.

Palace of Versailles, Île-de-France, France

Palace of Versailles

We often hear the amazing story of this palace. Now, it is a part of urban areas in France; but, we can still meet with beautiful buildings that tower into the sky. They are like telling us about the long history of France and Europe. Moreover, you also have the opportunity to enjoy another trip over in France.

Well, these are some of the best places in Europe for a honeymoon location. You can set the schedule and consider the budget. It is a good thing if you have plans to honeymoon in one of the unmissable historic.

The Best Honeymoon Resorts with Exotic Views

8 Best Honeymoon Resorts with Exotic Views


Where are the best honeymoon resorts? Well, you should consider Hawaii as a destination for honeymoon. Of the many choices, why do you have to go there? That is because you will enjoy the many incredible things for honeymooners. Let us take note of the beautiful nature, beaches perfect and unlimited time than you ever imagined so far.

Best Honeymoon Resorts in the Top 8

• Sheraton Keauhou Bay


So, from where will we start option? For the best, you can choose the Sheraton Keauhou Bay. This is an area that is perfect for you who like romantic situations. This is where you will prove the preservation of nature of the district of the Big Island. Take a look around, and you will be met with great, dramatic, and romantic settings.

• Fairmont Orchid

fairmont orchid

But you can consider an idea for a natural atmosphere at the Fairmont Orchid. What can we get there? When you enjoy Waterfall Massage, you will be surrounded by beaches with perfect waves at all times. It is an ideal place for those of you who like the natural style on the beach.

• Kahala Resort

kahala resort

It is recommended that you should choose a quiet place because you are enjoying honeymoon. Therefore, the Kahala Resort is a place that is impossible to ignore. You can enjoy a romantic dinner at Hoku’s restaurant. To reach this location, you must visit to Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, Oahu.

• Grand Hyatt Kauai

grand hyatt kauai

Well, this is one of the favorite areas for weddings. Every year, there are many lovers who spend his honeymoon there. Maybe, you think that it would make the location becomes crowded. But, Kamui no need to worry because this is an area that is ideal for any lover.

• Courtyard Kaua’i

This is another place for you who like romantic views over shared your lover. You can also enjoy a variety of delicious dishes while sitting for hours.

• Great Pleasures in Hawaii

If you are still unsatisfied with the number of the above options, you should consider other options. You will find extraordinary ideas to enjoy a romantic time. Those are for real.

• Grand Wailea

grand wailea

This is an area that is ideal for those of you who love the romantic style together with local traditions. Enjoy a romantic atmosphere at night when you are sitting together under the night sky. So, it is an unforgettable experience in your life. Also, there are some outstanding facilities that you can enjoy there starting from the spa, diving pool and dining series.

• Kauai Marriott Resort

kauai marriott resort

You can prove that there are many best honeymoon resorts in Hawaii. Please get great pleasures in Kauai Marriott Resort. This is an amazing place when you always miss the green color of our civilization. Please enjoy your time in front of Kalapaki Bay, and you will never regret it with all of them.

Well, these are some ideal locations for a honeymoon in Hawaii. You will only do it once; therefore, you must choose the most appropriate of the best honeymoon resorts.

4 Fresh Seafood Dishes in Chinese Food

If you want to enjoy the best life you can enjoy fresh seafood dishes. And this time, we will select some of the best food from China. You cannot deny that this is a country that has many culinary delights. We can take a lot of outstanding presentation of a variety of dishes from seafood dishes. Well, here we will take the four best foods.

Fresh Seafood Dishes with Delicious Tastes

chinese food

There are several features of this food. Most seafood from China has taste in spices and sauces. Also, we can enjoy some perfect seasonings such as ginger, garlic, and chili. With a blend of seasoning and cooking, you will not regret to enjoy every cuisine.

Fish Maw Soup

fish maw soup It is a delicious meal made from fish entrails. If you have never tried the innards of the fish, you should try this. Since this is a food that will arouse your taste in a few seconds. To cook it, mix the ginger and scallions. Also, this is one of my favorite dishes in China. Hence, you will regret it if you do not try this.

Braised Abalone

braised abalone Please try this because you will enjoy one of the most delicious dishes in China. This is food that is formulated from herbs of choice, when you need more ideas on how fancy eating a meal. It is a sea slug and usually served with oyster sauce. For the best taste, you can enjoy it with some other dishes. Or, you can try to eat it on the beach while drinking iced fresh fruit.

Curried Fish Balls

curry fish balls Just as the name implies, this is a meatball that you know. But, this is not what you have eaten because this is a typical dish made of curry and fish. So, when you eat it, you will feel a sensation of tender meat in every bite. You will not even realize that you have been eating a lot.

Salt and Pepper Pissing Shrimp

salt pepper shrimp You may not eat a lot of food. But, there is plenty of seafood that you should try because they consist of many options that will make you will not let go of each option. So, when you eat seafood, and it comes from China, you will realize that they are formulated from perfect herbs. That is what you get from Salt and pepper pissing shrimp. It is a food made from shrimp. With the addition of some pepper and vegetables, seafood this is a right to be enjoyed with some green vegetables.

Enjoy the Best Cuisine
That is always what you get from the fresh seafood recipes. Indeed, there are many foods that you can try at the restaurant. But, you can also consider the idea to cook your own meals. Moreover, it would be very nice. You can learn a lot from a variety of secret recipes. Also, you have to know four delicious dishes from China. As long as you love new things, you will never run out of ideas to create a delicious dish. That is where you will find more in fresh seafood dishes.

6 Steps You Should Take to Get a Refugee Travel Document

If you have any problems with a refugee travel document, you have to prepare for it as best as possible. We never know about the problems that we will face as a refugee. Meanwhile, we have to go to another country to important affairs. The best way is to do a proper procedure at the embassy. Before you get started it all, you need to understand your position as a refugee. So, you should still consider security issues.

Refugee Travel Document Application Procedure


Initial Steps
It will not be as easy as you think. If you still want to return to the United States, you must apply as a refugee. Also, you can take a refugee travel document. Thus, you will get a green card.

There is one thing you should always understand. You cannot go to your home country. For you to know, it would pose a greater risk. If you still forced yourself to the purpose of the trip, you should think of it as well. Because once you go home, you might not be able to go back to the USA.

Documents and Preparation
Once you get a permit, you will undergo the application process and requirements further. One convenience is when you already have a green card so you can exceed several procedures that tend complicated unless this will be the first trip overseas from the United States.


visa card So, there are several countries that require you to have a visa. That means that you have to apply a few months to get it. But, there is a convenience if you have a US passport. Generally, it will be much easier, especially if supported by several other documents.

Going Together
Well, everything will be easy if you are traveling alone. But when you are going to go with family members, you must prepare a Form I-131. It is a separate document that should be owned by every member of the family. Once you applied, you must come to the USCIS office to make the process of taking fingerprints and photographs.

The Length of Processing Time
Well, the process can reach up to about 2 or 6 months. So, you have to prepare as best as possible. And you should consult the embassy to get some additional information. It is important to remember you are a refugee who should get a guarantee of protection. Remember that your documents will only be valid for a year. So, you should be able to save time during a trip abroad. Indeed, you think that it is a long time. But one year is a short time when you had a problem with citizenship. So, you should think of it as possible.
There are several important issues during the interview process. And regarding refugee travel document fee, you can ask it to authorities. But the most important thing is to answer each question honestly. It will provide security and comfort during your journey.

Well, that’s a few things you must understand as long as the application takes care of refugees. If you are facing a new problem, you can ask the authorities about refugee travel document.

Tips on How Manage Your Travel Money

These days, in the era of the advanced technology, traveling has become more and more interesting to do because there are thousands of travel agents who tend to offer the best price which is becoming more and more affordable from day to day. For instance, if several years ago, you need to save a certain amount of money in order to be able to travel to abroad, today you do not need to do that. It is because some airlines and travel agents will happily offer you the best price for your traveling plan. The cheapest and the more affordable the price for traveling, the more often people will go for traveling with their families, friends, relatives, colleagues, and many more.

travel money

Finding Some Incredible Tips and Information about Managing Money while Traveling

Today, there are more and more people who tend to go abroad whether it is for traveling needs, for business matters, or even for studying. Whatever your purpose is, it is extremely important to make sure that you have already had money in hands. And it is not surprising that managing your money abroad is likely to be a kind of the most stressful part in traveling.

Actually the good thing is that there are some incredible tips and information which you can use in order to make you feel much more comfortable when traveling abroad. Managing your money while you are traveling abroad will help make you travel much more efficiently as well as stress-free. At first, you can be such a price negotiator who can use your ability of negotiation skills to work properly, especially in the markets or in the cab rides.

The Importance of Knowing More about the Currency and the Exchange Rates

However, if you are type of a person who tends to frequently travel all around the world, it would always be a better idea to have an international credit card for making sure that you manage your money in a proper way. This way, you will have some benefits such as you can make transactions with a cheaper fee. For more, you need to be smarter when you are carrying your money. It is not recommended to go frequently to the ATM just for taking cash on it and it is also not recommended to carry large bills with you wherever you go. Thus, you can start carrying your money in a front pocket instead of in the back pocket as it is easier to be stolen. You can separate your cash from your credit card and ID card in order to avoid it is all being stolen.

In addition, knowing exactly about the currency and the exchange rate will be really useful just before you have arrived in your destination. You can browse through the internet to get that information. This would be extremely important once you are about to travel between several different countries, and not just about staying in one country. If you are using a smartphone, you can use some useful applications on it to get to know well about the currency and to calculate the exchange rate in certain country. Moreover, if you are traveling abroad, carrying an enough amount of cash is a must.

Top 5 Australian Fishing Spots

Top 5 Fishing Spots You Should Visit Around Australia


Who in the world does not know that Australia is the true home for fishing? Places below are must to visit for you who loves water sports. Here’s top 5 Australian fishing spots. Stay tuned!

1. Exmouth

exmouth australia

Exmouth is such a undersea paradise where all visitor such as manta rays, dolphins, turtles, also humpback whales, and proudly to say it’s also whale shark. To reach Exmouth, you need to spend 2 hours flight from Perth or 2 days of driving. This journey allow you to enjoy the safari trips and charter of fishing game, it also becomes a chance for you to get around without driver.

Snorkeling in Exmouth is the occasion to get close with at least 500 species of fishes and 200 kinds of coral. You surely will call it home in the right time you experience this place in first sight.

2. Kalbarri

kalbarri fishing spot

To reach Kalbarri you need to drive for about 6 six hours. It deserves for spending your time because Kalbarri will pay you off with the awesome underwater view. Kalbarri is very well-known as the place to spend in for old either young especially for them who live in western of Australia. This place is the right choice to get relax by offering adrenaline and serenity. For the water adventure in Kalbarri, it must be surf, swim, water ski, and windsurf. Your plans for Kalbarri trip need to be accurate, so find time on July until October. It is the right time author recommends.

3. Montebello Island

montebello australia

After reaching to Exmouth, enjoy the Safaris of Montebello Island for about a week to get good cheer and fresh air. And then, a boat will transport you to Montebello Island. In this island, you will be able to enjoy some underwater adventure such as fishing, surfing, diving, and many things you want to do there. Be sure you enjoy the six days there before go back to Exmouth in the last day of week. This place is recommended to visit for fishing since its catch is promising, there will be Coral Trout, Red Emperor, Spanish Mackerel. You also allow to find Crayfish for the party menu.

4. Blackwood River

blackwood river australia

The Blackwood is the next destination of top 5 Australian fishing spots to experience. It flows along the south west of Australia which is offering the great view. This river also be well-known as the largest one in Australia. The towns like Nannup and Bridgetown are place that have the easiest access to Blackwood. For reaching this river, using canoe will do. The adventures Blackwood River offer are like watching birds of native water and species in Nannup. You will find the sinerity here for sure.

5. Busselton Jetty

busselton jetty australia

Busselton Jetty will bring into the experience of 1,8 kilometers to sea. To get Busselton Jetty, it’s only 2 hours and 40 minutes from Perth. On the beach of main swimming, there is the entrance which is offering short walk off from high street in Busselton. Busselton Jetty was built since 150 years ago and spending at least AUD 27 million for budgeting such as bays of fishing cleaning, sculptures heritages, swimming platforms and many more. Set your schedule to Busselton Jetty on the summer, and you will get a chance to see the spectacular performance from Ironmen and women in jetty swim. It’s a must when it comes to Busselton Jetty.

There are above some idea of top 5 Australian fishing spots. In hopes, our valued readers will be able to decide which best destinations to spend the vacation. Have a wonderful vacation!

5 Best Adventure Sports for Traveler to be Enjoyed in India

Experience The Awesome Adventure Sports In India

adventure sports in india

In India, tourism is industry which is growing so fast to introduce the real nature wealth of the country. There are many sports activities that be adored by tourists such as spiritual relaxation, mental and physical. India is well-known country with the beauty of nature to be enjoyed through adventure sports. Despite some of adventure sports are such new things in India, but tourists will be able to enjoy it satisfied with service. India is a paradise for them who want to enjoy the activities sports of traditional adventure. Here’s below some ideas of the best adventure sports for traveler to be enjoyed in India. Bring it on!

1. Skiing

skiing in india

This kind of sport activity is the most popular among travelers who visit to India, solely to experience its adventure sports. Typically, this sport is demanded by young boys who grab the thrilling adventure to Himalaya. Shimla, Kashmir, Uttarakhand are the best place to satisfy their craves to ski, not to mention frozen lakes in Kashmir is no joke for skiing, while its deep valleys are strongly recommended for hiking.

2. River Rafting

adventure sports river rafting

River rafting is the next favoritest option for traveler to be enjoyed in India. Ganga is the most place to do it since the river has tributaries which is providing water rafting to make the adventure more fun to be enjoyed. There are other rivers besides Ganga, those are Sutlej, Bhagirathi and Chandrabhaga. The names mentioned earlier are rivers from Himalaya and popular with the level of danger. It’s no doubt, the rivers India provide is promising about the greatest adventure of river rafting ever.

3. Mountaineering

mountaineering in india

It’s obviously mountain as one of adventure sports in India that being popular around the world. All the areas of Uttarakhand are such a paradise for travelers who want to conquer Himalaya, at least for once of his life. The peaks are covered by rocked hills and forest, as well meadows of lush green. Himalaya peaks dare the traveler to hike it, it surely need an experienced mountaineers since the field is no joke to offer the death.

4. Trekking

trekking in india

The next is trekking. This sport is most enjoyed in Northeastern India. Particularly Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh perfectly offer the traveler to the wild yet rare experiences. It’s adorable place to superb fauna and flora along the trekking. There are some destinations which is popular to enjoy trekking in India. They are Se La Nuranang, Bomdila Dirang and Twang Mango. Trust me guys, India is rich with the offers of adventure sports the traveler around the world crave for.

5. Scuba Diving

scuba diving in india

The last of this article is scuba diving. This sport is enjoyed mostly in Nicobar and Andaman islands. These name mentioned before have a wonderful beach which is unexplored nature and proudly provide travelers some sports like scuba diving and snorkeling. Nicobar and Andaman islands are popular in offering underwater sports by traveler. Are you one of?

When it comes to adventure, it must be India for the right place. Besides the 5 best adventure sports for traveler to be enjoyed in India above, India also has the other sports you should experience, like Bungee Jumping, Flying fox, Rock climbing, Paragliding and many more. Hurry up put India on the next destination of your trip list. You must be having fun there and get the most awesome adventure sports ever.